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 Hunt For The Perfect Shot

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PostSubject: Hunt For The Perfect Shot   Wed May 05, 2010 12:11 pm

That's right everyone its event time. In the world of Grand Chase we often see many things that leave us speechless and in awe. We often try to capture these moments in screen shots in order to save them, though wouldn't it be much better to be rewarded for all those long hours of hunting for a great shot, well wait no more! Its our first ever Hunt For The Perfect Shot event. Here's how its going to break down.

1. There is no requirement to enter the event so anyone from The Sith may join as long as the have an eye for photography.

2. There is not a limit to how many screen shots you can take just submit your best one before the dead, so get out that and shot!

3. If you submit a shot and then find that you can take an even better one then just submit your new shot before the dead line, there is no limit to the number of re-submission.

4. After the deadline myself and two other judges will well grade the screen shots to see who we think got the best one of them all.

5. I know some of you are rather good with photo shop. So any edited shots will be turned down. Its much better to get a good real shot anyways.

6. The primary tool for this event is the in-game screen shot system which is listed on the sever select screen. If you can't use that system consult the guild leader for other opinions.

7. Lastly depending on the number of participants the rankings will go first up to third place.

Now on to what everyone really wants to know about, the prizes! The winners will receive a special made signature badge giving them the acknowledgment of walking away a winner. Each places badge will be different so try hard competitors.

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Hunt For The Perfect Shot
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