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 The Guild Ranks and Members

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PostSubject: The Guild Ranks and Members   Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:49 am

The Ranking System has seven levels:

Dark Lord of The Sith- the rank of the guild leader; there is only one in the guild.

Sith Arch lord- the rank given to members who have proven themselves to their leader and are lesser only to the Dark Lord himself.

Sith Council- the rank given to only a small number a Sith. Their job is to council the Dark Lord over matters concerning the Sith itself.

Court Sith- the rank given to senior members of the order. They are the voice of the Dark Lord.

Sith Knight- the rank given to the enforcers of the Sith. They carry out the will of the Dark Lord.

Sith- the rank given to members who have shown their skill and loyalty to the guild and have been recommended by their fellow guild members.

Apprentice- the rank of members who have just joined and have yet to make a name for themselves. With a little effort and some time everyone will be promoted beyond this rank.

Ranks of Prestige:

Sith Dark Blade- the rank of Dark Blade is given to those who act as the will of the Dark Lord. They are cunning and ruthless. Acting only on the orders of the Dark Lord they are his unseen blade that destroys anything that threatens the Sith.

Sith Watchmen- the rank given to those who act eyes and hears of the Dark Lord. The are wise and sharp. Using the knowledge they gain to support the Dark Lord, their whispers seal the fate of those who oppose the Sith

Sith Speaker- the rank given to those who have been entrust with the will of the Sith. Speaking for the Dark Lord, the voice pierces the ignorance of those who deny the Dark Lord and condemns those who would oppose the Sith to a fate to horrible to speak.

Ranks of Honor:

Sith Battle Master- the rank given to Sith who has proven himself in battle and holds the title of the strongest.

Sith Elite Guard- the rank given to the strongest unit in the Sith order.

All promotions are at the sole discretion of the guild leader and will not be influenced by others. There are several ways to be promoted: helping lower ranked guild members, attending guild events, recommendations from other guild members, acknowledgment from the guild leader, along with several other methods. Rank is not determined by level or skill. Even if you are a level 60 that has a PvP ranking of number one, you will still start off as an apprentice and will have to work your way up just like everyone else. The more helpful you are, the faster your rank will climb.

Each rank comes with special rights and privileges:

Dark Lord of The Sith- is the head of the guild and can approve new members or remove current members. Other privileges of the head of the guild are putting together events, promoting members, demoting members, assigning members tasks, and other things of that nature.

Sith Arch lord- have the responsibility of managing the guild if the guild leader is unavailable or must take a leave of absence due to personal issues outside of the game. Other responsibilities include answering questions, offering assistance, and helping each other if someone is having trouble.

Sith Dark Blade- has the right to rise to the occasion of ending challenges against the guild

Sith Watchmen- has the responsibility to inform the guild leader of any and all information relevant to the guild.

Sith Speaker- has the right to speak for the guild leader if the guild leader is unable to address any issues.

Sith Council- have the responsibility to resolve issues and problems in the guild. The council will also help decide future events and event dates.

Court Sith- decide and assign tasks, missions, and chores to other members. The members of the court will also assign punishments to members who have broken the rules.

Sith Battle Master- is to hold the title with pride and to set an example for his fellow Sith to follow.

Sith Elite Guard- are the strongest unit in the Sith order and with set and example for all other Sith about Teamwork and loyalty.

Sith Knights- are the enforcers of the guild. When tasks need to be done or actions need to be carried out the Knights are the ones that see it is done.

Sith- have the responsibility to watch over the Apprentices by answering questions, helping with problems, offering assistance, and helping each other if someone else is having trouble.

Apprentices- have few responsibilities; their main responsibility is to help each other.

Credit to Takashi for this great banner. Thanks

Founder and Leader- zecks1

Dark Lord of The Sith


Sith Arch Lord- 1/1


Sith Dark Blade- 1/1


Sith Watchmen- 0/1


Sith Speaker- 1/1


Sith Council- 0/10


Court Sith- 5/15






Sith Battle Master-0/1


Sith Elite Guard- 0/3




Sith Knights- 1/20


Sith- 3




Apprentice- 3




Total Members- 16

A reminder to all new and current members. I am not the only means of getting assistance. All of the members listed are people I know and are more than willing to help out. Make it a point to add some of your fellow members so that if I'm not available someone else can help you.
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The Guild Ranks and Members
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